“Now, Father, you’re living in the past. This is the 14th 21th century!”

Phil Lewis ♢ Sleeping Beauty ♢ Twenty-One ♢  WAVERING


Phil always had a care free attitude ever since he was a kid. He is the type of guy that would hang back, rather then be front and centre. Watching the scene before him, before stepping in and giving his piece. When he could form words, Phil could subtly persuade people to do what he wanted. This had increased his own lay back attitude and rather have people do his deed, then himself. Unless of course he wanted to do it himself. Living with a single father, had also given him the proper Father - Son relationship. But gave him the lack of a Women influence in his life. Which had caused him to regard girls as even more of a wondrous curiosity then most.

It had only taken one afternoon to persuade his father to allow him to be able to go out and see what life has for him. Finding that his easy life getting rather boring. Packed and ready, he drove in style, letting the road take it where ever it would lead. On the side of the road was an old mansion. Curious, Phil had pulled over and decided to see the building up close. As he stepped through the thorn covered door. A scream could be heard from far away as the floorboards snapped and let Phil fall down into the Mist that was lurking underneath. Before too long, Phil found himself in a land he had never seen on any of the maps in his father’s library.

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