“Let’s assume that everyone in here doesn’t like me.” ”A fake reputation is all a man has.”

Flynn ‘Eugene’ Ryder ♢ Tangled ♢ Twenty-three ♢ Waiter WAVERING


The young Eugene is not where he’d imagined to be at this point of his life, working as a waiter, rather than the person being waited on. With a great amount of potential and a few bad choices, the darkhaired guy brought to life a person he preferred much more; Flynn Ryder. A man people had to respect, look up to and adore. Busy on the black market and dabbling in drugs dealing behind the scenes, and pretending to be either a hotshot model or actor or business man at one of the parties he’d sneak into at the venues he usually waits at.
Eugene is a dork, a kid who got bullied until high school for his thick rimmed glasses, duck teeth and silly name. It was a lame guy with no personality or even remotely intimidating. Between junior and senior year, Eugene got to work, deciding the little rural town he grew up in wasn’t good enough anymore and the appearance he had been bullied for for the past seventeen years had to change. And so it did. “Flynn Ryder” moved to the big city, with the plans of immediately hooking a job as a model for a big label from the moment he stepped off the bus. Turns out, all he stepped in was some dog crap.
Getting his hands on a job as a part time waiter and bartender, Flynn maintained his bad boy image by sneaking into parties which were held at the venue he worked at, on nights he had off. There, he’d chat up girls, pretending to be “Flynn Ryder, the world renowned photographer” or “Flynn Ryder, the up and coming actor”. He’s spend the night with these girls, until they saw through his facade and crappy furniture, leaving him to wake up in his bed all by himself the next morning.
One day, which started like that as well, only got worse when his unwanted attendance at parties got known to his boss, and he got fired as well. Not wanting to return to a home he had for good left behind, Flynn went job hunting, searching far and wide. An entire week he spent, roaming the streets of the bustling town, until a note shoved under his door, prompted him to check out one last job offer.
The blonde followed the address, which lead him to an old, seemingly abandoned chateau on the outskirts of the town. Throwing one last look at the green slip of paper, announcing an open spot for a waiter in a fancy French restaurant, Flynn let out a deep breathe. This was his last shot. If this job offer didn’t work out, he’d have nowhere else to go, no last resort.
The sun was setting, turning the blue sky a warm, yet eerie red, which hued the, probably closed “restaurant” in a swirling red. At least, that’s what he told himself. That restaurant “Le Monde Imaginaire” was located at the other side of the old castle’s semi ruins, and that the owner had closed down early today.
Two steps into the castle’s courtyard, told him differently. It was actually the rapidly moving, shimmering fog and gusts of wind which gave it away. The pink tinted mist swirled in circles around the square, stone courtyard, pushing him closer and closer to the well in the middle. As hard as Flynn tried to push back and make his way back out, he just kept nearing closer and closer to the pit until….
He woke up in another castle. But he wasn’t in England anymore. Flynn had woken up in the Wicked World. Now he had the choice; to be himself or who he imagined himself to be. To join the good forces.. or the evil

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