"Put your faith in what you most believe in." "I’ve got to find my way, and I will survive some way."

Tyler Zane ♢ Tarzan ♢ Twenty ♢ Wood Smith WAVERING

Short tempered

A small town hidden by the mask of the forest, held a population of three hundred people. For the town, that held too many people. Events would be held in the woods nearby, and meetings in the town hall. It was where everyone got together at once and met each other. Bringing the town to be one big family. But like all families, it was never peaceful or fair. Tyler, who lived with his Mother and Father. Both worked full time, left Tyler to take care of his younger disadvantaged brother who he adored. Everyone in the town knew of the special care that Charlie needed, and most had given him the special treatment. But there were a select few who made it a point to bully the younger Zane brother to tears.

Not many people in the area knew what was happening, as the other kids were rather crafty in their ways. Which brought more responsibility upon Tyler’s Shoulders to keep it a secret while protecting his brother without raising questions. Soon after he began picking fights, he was always given his space. Even though he hated being alone. No one wanted to be around the troublemaker, the rebel of the town. No parents wanted him to rub off on the other kids.
Tyler then adopted the reputation other had brought upon him. Walking around with a tough exterior no matter how much it pained him to see most of the people he grew up with afraid of him. One day when he was out with his younger brother, taking their casual stroll out in the town square. Had changed Tyler’s life and affected his brothers as well. A group of kids cornered Charlie, punching and harassing him while Tyler went to buy some lunch. When he found out what was happening, the older brother lunged onto the other guys. Easily throwing the shorter weaker ones away. And pounding on the larger, leader of the gang. Controlled by pure hate, he had knocked the guy unconscious and even then he didn’t stop. If it wasn’t for the town people hearing the commotion. Tyler would have killed the guy right then and there. With the town folk yelling at him, and with their own mother and father standing back doing nothing. He grabbed his younger brother and fled from the town into the surrounding woods. Not knowing that as he ran deeper and deeper into the deepest part of the woods. That everything he had known, everything his brother had known. Was going to change. To enraged by the situation that had happened back at his supposedly home. Tyler never noticed the slight change in the air, the blackness of the trees shimmering. Expect for when his resiting brother being pulled along behind him, had finally caught his breath to warn his older brother. That it was too late. They walked right into the mist. Confused and distorted, they walked out of the endless mist what felt like hours later to find themselves somewhere they have never seen before. Wicked World.

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